Clayko SharePoint Managed Services

As Perth's leading dedicated SharePoint Managed Service provider, we understand that getting the most out of SharePoint isn't about a one time install and configuration. It's about:

  • Having a team available when you need them so you can continually improve as you learn more about SharePoint and how it can help your business.
  • Selecting a technology partner who understands you and has a vested interest in seeing your business prosper.
  • Doing all this in a smarter more cost effective manner that delivers more results.

Clayko's Managed SharePoint Service can help you get more from SharePoint

  • Team of 100+ SharePoint professionals, provides you access to the full skill set and avoids HR headaches
  • Easy to manage monthly rate which can be used across Clayko's SharePoint Professional Services team
  • You decide how SharePoint effort is managed for routine maintenance, tier 2 and 3 support, or custom development

Our SharePoint Managed Service

  • Includes 24x7 access to Clayko Assistance portal
  • Backed by Service Level Objectives
  • Suitable for on-premise, Windows Azure, hosted and Office 365 deployments
  • Suitable for existing or new users of SharePoint

So if your business is facing any of these challenges

  • Difficulty justifying cost of SharePoint projects
  • Exposure to key IT staff turnover
  • A want to focus on your business, not managing SharePoint / IT
  • Difficulty finding skilled and affordable SharePoint team

Clayko's Managed SharePoint Service can help

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