Trusted Hosting Services in Perth

Hosting Services Managed by IT Professionals 

Clayko offers application hosting, document management systems and Learning Management Systems, alleviating the stress of having to host them by yourself. 

Smart, sophisticated, and integrated Document Management Solutions

  • What hosting provides you:
    - Less management 
    - Support 
    - Service Level Agreement
    - No hardware required
    - No maintenance needed
    - Managed by Clayko's IT professionals 

Our services include:

  • Application Hosting  

Do you have a business application that you no longer want to support? Clayko can assist you with this, and take care of the server for you. 24/7, with no hassle. 

  • Document Management Systems 

Clayko offers a number of document management systems including Microsoft SharePoint.  

  • Learning Management Systems 

Clayko can host your Learning Management Systems (LMS) using Moodle, making it easier for you by taking control of your LMS system.