Tailored Learning Management Systems in Perth

Let Clayko develop a platform that is simple and adds value to your organisation

Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System (LMS), let Clayko help your organisation create a successful learning community. Enjoy the flexibility to access Moodle anytime, anywhere. Reap the benefits of using a solution that is easy to understand as content is broken down.

Flexibility, reliability and control for institutions 

Our services include:

  • Customisation

Deliver timely, relevant and personal service across all channels.

  • Moodle Provisioning

Install and configure Moodle and add custom modules, integrations, reporting and more.

  • Collaboration and Communication

Out-of-the-box tools such as forums, quizzes and Wikis integrated with other tools allows for interaction, debates and socialising efficiently.

  • Upload Content Simply and Efficiently  

Moodle is a very simple and user friendly for both teacher and student.  

  • Administration & Configuration

Achieve long term success with Moodle's easy to administer and flexible environment.

  • Moodle Themes

Custom Moodle themes developed from scratch to suit your requirements.