As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, Clayko Group specialises in providing the right tools for businesses looking to enhance their operational efficiency.

We’ve structured our product offering to accommodate large enterprises as well as small business.
All of our products are backed with around-the-clock customer support to ensure our customers get the maximum benefit from their investment.

A formal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is vital to any organisation interested in running a customer-centric business. Clayko Group, an Australia-based company, offers CRM solutions appropriate for any size company regardless of budget.

Microsoft SharePoint allows organisations to share information across their enterprise. It sounds like a simple concept but the reality of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can be a difficult and costly undertaking without an integrated solution.

Clayko Group are proud to offer the latest in cloud technology - Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 brings together Microsoft’s leading online productivity tools into one easy solution, making it easier for you to do business.

The future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is here. The KnowledgeLake product suite capitalises on your SharePoint investment and gives you essential tools to manage the documents your business needs to operate.

Clayko Group - Document Management Products