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Linkedin - Sheryl Frame John Dorrington

Founder, CEO

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of Document Management, John Dorrington is a respected figure in the industry. He is the strategic force behind Clayko. John regularly travels to investigate and identify new techniques and methodologies related to Document Management. He is dedicated to the idea of a paperless office and was an early adopter of this philosophy. John performs an advisory role at Clayko, personally overseeing the implementation of any proposed solution.


Linkedin - Clayton Dorrington Clayton Dorrington

General Manager – Special Projects

Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2000 from the University of Western Australia, Clayton Dorrington brings a wealth of experience and a strong business sense to Clayko. Initially employed in the fishing industry managing on-shore and offshore fishing operations, he moved into International Sales and Marketing in 2005. In 2007, Clayton joined Clayko Group to commercialise Clayko’s leading-edge technology.

In his current role, he leads the development of Clayko Group’s SharePoint operations. With a focus on providing a high Return on Investment, Clayton develops high-level business solutions and processes tailored to each client. His overall goal is to improve operational efficiencies at every site.


Linkedin - Kobe Dorrington Kobe Dorrington

General Manager – Bureau Operations

With a long working history at Clayko, Kobe Dorrington is a known expert on Hutchison scanning systems. Kobe’s practical experience with Bureau Operations provides essential skills to the Clayko team including:

  • Document Management systems
  • Advance File Management systems
  • Web hosting, archival and retrieval, software knowledge and implementation
  • Advanced knowledge of Kodak scanners and capture software
  • Advanced knowledge of information capture using Barcodes, OCR and OMR
  • Advanced skills in design and implementation of process flows for scanning jobs
  • Team leading in job implementation
  • Operating and staff management for a scanning bureau
  • Budget planning
  • Website design
  • Establishing business management and workflow.