Heard of or have SharePoint?  Want to know how other companies have used SharePoint and discover what really is possible?  Join Clayko as we embark on our mission to preview and present 49 business solutions for SharePoint in 49 weeks.     

Why are we doing this?

We believe many people underestimate the benefits SharePoint can deliver their business, whether through simply not knowing, or not having a positive experience. We want to open your mind to the possibilities SharePoint presents you.  We want to inspire you to think differently and focus on how your business can be better using SharePoint.    

We want to showcase how other businesses have leveraged solutions for their benefit, and to encourage innovative thinking in your organisation so you can gain the same advantage.  

More so, we want to answer the questions standard businesses ask and bypass the sales puffery.  For example, how much will this cost?  How long will it take to implement?  We want to provide straight answers to straightforward questions.    

How will we do this?

Each week, for 49 weeks (barring some holidays – we’re only human), we will set out to profile a SharePoint solution. They will range from simple but smart SharePoint configurations, to large scale solutions.We will endeavour to cover horizontal and vertical solutions across a range of budgets.  We want to ensure there is something for everyone.

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